Our motto is Wellness Made Simple and with that we have provided links and apps to help our communities journey simpler.

Nutrition & Health

Colorful Food

Education and information on health and nutrition.

Social Connectedness & Mindfulness

Rock Maze

Websites and Apps that promote social gatherings and mindfulness.

Financial Literacy & Preparedness

Finance Chart

Financial guides and advice to boost and reach your financial goals.

We are all in this together! if there are any websites and apps that are accurate, simple and engaging please contact us so we can review it and possibly add it to our live list!


Featured Resources

The Mesothelioma Center

An advocacy group that works closely with patients who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Visit their page to learn about the condition and ways to establish a well balanced diet.

Epiphany Counseling & Consulting LLC

Located in Richmond, VA this therapist specializes in a plethora of approaches "to empower and promote overall emotional and physical wellness."